Every head of department of the HTW as well as their assistants and people employed by the HTW are bound by instructions of the chairperson. This person as well as his or her proxies represent the HTW to the outside and coordinate the activities of all its departments. The realization of decisions made in proceedings as well as the settlement of ongoing dealings are part of the chairperson’s area of responsibility as well as the direction of meetings.

Chairperson team

Andreas Lehner


Johannes Lutz

Substitute Chairperson

Chairpersons tell about their work

Maximilian Golden:

“My task is to keep an eye on everything that happens in the HTW and see to its completion. Therefore, I know about everything that happens in our Students Union. This is important, as I didn’t just agree to it by being voted for this position but am bound by law to do so. I also keep an eye on the team. I have three years of experience as Student Representative and I like to share it with them to help them with any challenges they might have. I have many responsibilities, but they are worth the personal experiences I get from them.”