The tasks of the department for financial affairs are HTW’s legal transactions, accounting, and the budget plans for the student representatives and project sponsorships. Heads of departments and field of study representatives can plan their expenses with the department for financial affairs or ask general questions concerning financial topics. Together with the chairmen, the department also decides the financial aspects of projects of the HTW.

Team of the department

Karl Litschauer

Substitute head of department for financial affairs

Max Golden
Maximilian Golden

Head of the department for financial affairs

Patrick Ofner

Assistant of the department for financial affairs

Heads of department tell about their work

Karl Litschauer:

“As person to contact concerning financial affairs I am responsible for checking invoices, releasing invoices, signing contracts, and keeping an eye on the current budget. Until the end of June I need to create the annual estimate for the next business year. Until the end of December I need to write the annual financial statement (income statement, statement of financial positions) which will eventually be checked by our auditor.”