The department for social affairs is all about sponsorships, financial assistances and the topics concerning gender and diversity. It deals with any matters of social life, including working, living or having children while studying as well as equal treatments for all students.

In case you get into financial trouble caused by your social or familial situation, you can get support here. This is also true for students without the Austrian or a EEA citizenship, students in their continuation education, or people that are thinking about whether they should study something. The department of Social Affairs also takes care of students with physical or mental impairments, their sponsorship and the enforcement for their equal rights and treatment.

Department team
Heads of department tell about their work

Lukas Rohatsch (former head of department):

“As person to contact for cases concerning social affairs students often ask me about sponsorships. If the case requires it, I contact the responsible people and can tap into the network of the Austrian National Union of Students (National ÖH) to solve it. Each year it is my duty to select the items for the goody bags that we hand out to all the new students. I am also in constant contact with the Center for International Relations (CIR) regarding topics like gender and diversity.”