Class representatives (“JGV”) are established for each year of all classes. All ordinary and extraordinary students of the UAS Technikum Wien have active and passive election rights.

Class representatives are elected for one year. How many people are chosen depends on the size of the class, with a maximum of 45 students there are 2 people, for 46 or more students there are 4.


The class representatives are responsible for the representation of the interests of the students of their class as well as for coordinating and forwarding questions and problems of the year or individual courses to the secretariat, the study program director and lecturers (e.g. postponement of examinations). Thus they tend to the wishes of their classmates and act in accordance to their sentiments.

The class representatives have to fulfill their duties diligently and selflessly.


Class representatives may apply for board examinations instead of individual examinations. You may choose an examiner from the second try of each course.

Through their activities as a full-time representative they may choose to be exempted from one soft skill or English language course per year.

Class representatives have a reduced presence obligation and an exemption from compulsory attendance, should it be necessary by their function.


Elections are held in the first two months of the winter semester. The dates for the elections in the respective years will be announced by email.

The election will be held in a Moodle course by us. There is a one week period to announce yourself as a candidate in the “Candidacy” forum inside the Moodle course. If there are more candidacies than available JGV slots, an election (4 days) will be held in the same Moodle course the following week.

Additional information

You can find further information in our download section and in the CIS. You can find all the information about class representatives in the constitution of the HTW: