What is the ÖH?

The Austrian Students’ Association (ÖH) is the representation of all students at universities, private universities, universities of applied sciences and educational colleges. The Austrian Students’ Association is divided into three areas, namely the representatives of your field of studies, the representative of an entire university and the federal representation. The ÖH is directly elected every two years by all students and is acting as the voice of the students towards the universities and the politics. Further information can be found at www.oeh.ac.at.

Why do I have to pay the ÖH fee and what is it used for?

ÖH fee

All students are automatically members of the Austrian Students’ Association (ÖH), your legal representation at all levels, be it the Federal Government or the decision-makers at your university!


70 cents of your 19.20 Euro are used for the ÖH accident and liability insurance. Of the remaining 18.50 Euro 13% are paid to the federal representation and 87% to the individual university representative councils.
Further information can be found at www.oeh.ac.at/service/oeh-beitrag.

Refund of the ÖH fee

If you have paid the ÖH fee more than once the ÖH will usually refund you these additional fees:

if you are simultaneously enrolled in a pedagogical college, private university or university of applied sciences and a university, and you have to pay ÖH fee twice
if you end your studies before the end of the prolonged payment period (30.11. or 30.04.) and receive your study fees for this semester back from your university
if you cancel your studies shortly after enrollment and your university fees are refunded by the university (for example if you failed the acceptance test)
Danger:If you paid the ÖH contribution twice or more at the same educational institution, the ÖH is not the right place to go, but the department of your educational institution responsible for the funds. The ÖH receives only one ÖH contribution per student, but no additional amount. Only those contributions can be refunded that have actually been received by the ÖH.

Request for refund
The ÖH requires a completed application, including receipts, in order to be able to initiate the refund. This form has been designed so that preferably all cases can be considered, although unexpected events can always occur. If the form is not suitable for a specific situation, please add corresponding comments but still use it.

Please fill in your completed form with the relevant documents to:

Österreichische HochschülerInnenschaft
„Rückerstattung ÖH-Beitrag“
Taubstummengasse 7-9
1040 Wien.
Phone: +43/1/310 88 80/15 or /16
Fax: +43/1/310 88 80/36
Email: sekretariat@oeh.ac.at

Please note: it can take up to two months until the refund is processed.

How exactly am I insured as a student?

As an ÖH member, you are insured by the ÖH by paying your ÖH contribution for the whole semester. If you have not paid in one semester for any reason, you are only insured until the end of the period of the following semester (for the winter semester: April 30, for the summer semester: November 30). As a rule of thumb, you are insured as long as your student ID is still valid.

In principle, all accidents and damages that can arise during the course of studies are covered. In spatial terms, this applies in particular to universities, educational colleges, technical colleges and student houses of the ÖH or student halls according to the dormority law. Accidents and damage resulting from events directly related to studies, such as excursions, USI courses, ÖH events or internships are also covered by the insurance. A voluntary clerkship are also included. In addition, the paths to and from the aforementioned buildings, areas or activities are also included. The road from the places just mentioned to the nearest supermarket is assured as long as it serves to satisfy a need of daily life, the purchase of a snack. The insurance cover also applies to abroad semesters and extends almost to the whole world.

Warning: There is no insurance coverage for liability claims in the United States and Canada.

You can find more details by visiting www.oeh.ac.at/service/versicherung

Why do I get an extra stamp for the payment confirmation?

The payment confirmations for the optional subjects (CIS Download) contain the note “also valid without stamp”. Our demand for a stamp despite this memorandum has nothing to do with the validity of the confirmation of payment, but with conditions for public money.

Of course we believe you that you have paid for your certificate and it is not our intention to impose unnecessary bureaucracy.

However, the ÖH works with public money, namely your money – the ÖH contributions, which all students pay each semester. We are being examined by the Court of Auditors and there are very strict requirements on how transparent the use of funds must be. For this reason, payments with “original documents” must be proven. A receipt from the supermarket must, for example, be submitted in the original, a copy is not enough. For PDFs like the acknowledgment of payment there is however no “original” in this sense and because a print is quite easy to counterfeit we still need a “certification” in the form of a stamp from the course of study.

Thank you for your comprehension.

What is the HTW?

The HochschülerInnnenschaft at the Technical College Technikum Wien, shortly HTW, represents, advises and helps students at the UAS Technikum Wien. We work closely with the Austrian Students’ Union and together we take a stand on educational and social policy issues that are student concerns.

We act apart from party policial considerations and put the welfare of the students at the FH Technikum Wien first at all levels.

You can find further information by following these links:

What are the sessions of the HTW for?

A major part of each HTW session is the report of the various speakers of the HTW: What has been done recently, what we are working on currently and sometimes what we will be doing in the near future.

Further points depend on the situation and often result from the same activities: for example, decisions about amendments to the statutes, new appointments or general ÖH issues. The exact topics can always be found in the published agenda before the meetings.

Why should I attend a HTW session?

Because there you can hear about what happens and changes at the university, things that are usually more in the background. Here you can see the people who represent you at the university of applied sciences and your contact persons in case of problems personally. This can be especially interesting if you would like to do something for other students but the ÖH is only a big unknown for you.

If you are interested in working together with us as part of the HTW you can also write an e-mail to vorsitz@htw.wien or visit us in our office during our opening hours!

How can I apply for funding for my certificate?

In the Downloads section you can find the item Refunds. Select the appropriate form and follow the instructions on it.

Should you have any questions concerning the form please write an e-mail to office@htw.wien.

You can send your filled out refund application to wiref@htw.wien.