How does the admission ranking test look like?

The core of the admission ranking test at the UAS Technikum Wien is an electronic written examination covering several subject areas. Some examples of the questions used in the ranking test can be downloaded from our documents section.

You can find further general information about the application process at the UAS can be found on the website of the UAS Technikum Wien.

How does the training contract look like?

The training contract must be concluded by prospective students with the organisation of the university of applied sciences before commencing their studies. This happens after a successful ranking test.

An example of a training contract at the FH Technikum Wien can be found for download in the documents on our website.

Further information about the admission procedure and the training contract can be found on the UAS Technikum Wien website.

Questions about the infrastructure

Problems with the access card or print card

Either go to the study course office or to the IT service desk of the UAS.

Hochschülerinnen- und Hochschülerschaft at the UAS Technikum Wien (HTW)

We are located in room B2.08 of the UAS.

Term abroad, Internship abroad, Summerschool

The UAS Technikum Wien maintains its own foreign office in which you can get information about partner universities of the FH. You can find the contact details here.

What are the stages of appeal at the UAS?

In principle, you conclude a private contract with the supervisor of the UAS Technikum Wien with your training contract. This means that, after using the appellation instances of UAS, you may have to go against the UAS under private law. However, it has not been clarified in the legal sense whether instead going to the Administrative Court (VwGH) against the decision of the UAS-Council would be possible theoretically. Legal steps or even a lawsuit are, however, only the very last steps that should be used!

In case of problems it is advisable to first talk directly with the lecturer and try to find a solution together. Subsequently, the institute and / or head of the study program would be the appropriate contact and in the end, there is still the possibility of an objection or a complaint to the UAS-Council or the rectorate. As your stundent representatives we can assist you on every stage of this process. For matters which have escalated up to the UAS-Council or the rectorate please contact us via e-mail or come to us during our opening hours. In the (unlikely) event of a lawsuit it is also possible that the ÖH supports you financially and organizationally.

Where can I find the most important laws?

In the CIS in the statute Studienrechtliche Bestimmungen und Prüfungsordnung
In the Fachhochschulstudiengesetz (FhStG) that you can read by visiting