Below we want the give you an overview of the differences at the UAS Technikum Wien that were made possible due to the HTW.

Study regulations

The study regulations including the regulations for courses and examinations is discussed by the faculty of the UAS Technikum Wien, which the HTW is part of.

Repeating a whole year

Students are allowed to finish courses which already commenced, even if not every course in the previous term was passed. Due to this, the courses don’t have to be repeated while repeating a whole year.


Rooms and equipment for the private use by students are available throughout the UAS Technikum Wien.


In the foyer of building A an ATM is located which was initiated and organised by the HTW in 2015.

Common room for students

Since 2016 there is a common room for students on the fourth floor of building B, where there are worktables as well as power sockets, couches and an exchange platform for books available.


Back in 2014 the “ProjectKitchen” was established by the student representation. It is an open laboratory, unrelated to any course, and serves as a place for students to work on projects and help each other out.
In 2016 bigger rooms and more equipment were organised. Currently the “ProjectKitchen” is located on the fourth floor of building B.

Levels of representation

Improvement of the study program representative body beyond legal requirements.

Class representatives

In 2015 we have enforced a consistent procedure and democratic elections for the year representative in all study programs. Moreover their rights have been embedded in the official regulations of the UAS Technikum Wien.