The main purpose of the department for publicity and events is the care of our web presence as well as the organization and execution of activities: starting with small workshops up to and including parties for every student of our UAS.

Besides that, the creation of flyers, brochures and press releases are part of the responsibilities of this department. In order that students of our UAS can profit from more bargains building relationships with related departments of other universities and companies is also part of its tasks.

Heads of department talk about their work

Johannes Lutz (former head of department):

„I mainly try to make the services of the HTW and ÖH as widely known as possible. This pertains for example information about counseling, workshops, events and co-operations: if no one knows about these things, it doesn’t matter how much we offer, no one would profit from it. Because of this I get a lot of information from the other heads of departments as well as our chairpersons concerning events in their fields. I then take this information and put it into a form suitable for publication on our Website, Facebook channel and/or Email. Because I myself am not very talented in the organization of events I mainly support the other departments if they want to host one: be it hands-on work or publications about these happenings in our medias.”