Financial support by the HTW

We also support further education in addition to studying and promote many certificates which can be done at the UAS Technikum Wien.

Supported certificates

The field of study representatives handle all refunds for certificates and courses.

Examples are the following certificates:

  • EBCL A, B, C
  • SAP
  • Waste manager
  • as well as others

Please contact your field of study representative if you want to know if a specific course or certificate will be refunded. You can find their address in the CIS in the right sidebar below the heading Degree Program Representative.

Further certificates that are offered at UAS Technikum Wien can be applied for at any time beforehand.
To apply for a certificate please send an e-mail with the following information:

  • Name of the certificate
  • Description of the certificate
  • Number of people
  • Cost per person
  • Decision of field of study representatives or other subsidies (if available)


Request for support

As soon as you as you passed the exam and received your certificate you can apply for the financial support.
The needed form can be downloaded here: Support form (German)
Important: Please stamp the payment confirmation and have it signed or take a banking statement with you!

Grants and scholarships for students

Here you can find a list of general funding and support options as well as some grants. These are not granted by us, but we are available for you in case of questions.

General information of the Austrian Students’ Association (ÖH)

Informationfor study financing

Study Grant Authority

The following grants are available:

  • Studienbeihilfe
  • SelbsterhalterInnen-Stipendium
  • Studienabschluss-Stipendium
  • Auslandsstipendium
  • Mobilitätsstipendium
  • Studienunterstützungen
  • Kinderbetreuungskostenzuschuss

Austrian database for scholarships and research funding

Family allowance

Housing benefit

Excellence scholarship

You will find the application in the CIS under: Documents / Studies / Excellence scholarship.

Austrian Students’ Association (ÖH) Social Fund

General financial support

Whether you are studying or not the following financial support options as well as exemptions from various fees exist.


Exemption of GIS fees and the green electricity tariff.

Exemption from prescription charges

Forms and applications for long-term care allowance

Weekly allowance (for births)

Must be applied for at the Gebietskrankenkasse.

Child allowance allowance

Must be applied for at the Gebietskrankenkasse.

Family hardship compensation