Election Result

The result for the election can be viewed here and here including study program representatives.

Furthermore, here you can find the official result of the federal election.

Federal representation

Of 235 votes cast (including postal votes), the distribution among the candidate lists is as follows:

VSStÖ: 24.55%, 14 mandates

AG: 21,02%, 12 mandates

GRAS: 21,72%, 12 mandates

FLÖ: 10.53%, 6 mandates

JUNOS: 11.28%, 6 mandates

KSV LiLi: 4.51%, 2 mandates

KSV-KJÖ: 3.74%, 2 mandates

RFS: 2,65%, 1 mandate


The complete list can be found here.

University representation

Out of 9 mandates to be awarded, the distribution is as follows:

USV: 7

AG: 2

Student Representation

The following students have achieved mandates:


Ziad Hussein, Alexander Berger, Astrid Edlinger, Paul Janßen, Sameh Shahin


Silvija Hujdrovic, Marcel Keßeler, Alexander Pavlik, Anna Prochazka, Nikola Radulovic

Renewable Energy

Rita Kilicci, Stefan Savic

Information and Communication Theory

Mayowa Adewunmi, Martin Ferschl, Alan Pisazka, Christoph Schlemmer

Life Science

Thomas Benisek, Edonis Berisha, Lukas Koszik, Maximillian Lechner, Ganna Voloshyna*

*Lot decision according to §54 Abs 1 HSG

Business Informatics

Diana Öller, Sebastian Lindner, Michael Fahrafellner, Robin Kupnik, Mathias Zeman

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The election

The ÖH elections took place from 18th to 20th May.

Further info:



What was elected?

At the UAS Technikum Vienna the following levels of the Austrian Student’s Union were elected:

  • federal representatives
  • university representatives
  • field of study representatives


What is the difference?

The federal representatives of the Austrian Student’s Union co-designs academic politics. They represent student’s concerns to the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF), the Universities Austria Association (uniko) and Austrian Association of Universities of Applied Sciences (FHK), the Rectors’ Conference of Austrian University Colleges of Teacher Education and the Austrian Private Universities Conference (ÖPUK).

The university representatives are primarily concerned with students of a specific educational institution – in our case the students of the UAS Technikum Vienna. They represent the the students’ concerns towards the management team and rector’s office of the FH Technikum Wien and are the first contact for students. The election is a list election as you may know it from other elections.

In the election for field of study representative specific persons are elected instead of lists. They are the first place to go to for year representatives if they have any questions or problems and are the link between them and the university representatives. Field of study representatives can accredit courses in soft skills or English to the extent of 6 ETCS credits per semester.

Here you can find the current list of all student representatives at the FH Technikum Wien including their respective number of mandataries.


Voting card

Due to the current circumstances it was also possible to vote via voting card. Voting cards could be requested between 31st March and 11th May.

Only the federal and university representatives could be voted via voting card. The field of study representatives could only be elected on site and in person.


Hygiene and security concept: process

  1. Put on the FFP2-mask
  2. Wait outside until the security lets you in
  3. Sanitize your hands in the waiting area
  4. Wait until the election authority invites you in a polling station
  5. Present your ID (student identification card or official identification document
  6. Receive your ballot and pen
  7. Enter the polling booth, check a box
  8. Put the ballot into cover (please do not seal it!)
  9. Under supervision, throw the cover in the ballot box
  10. Leave the poling station through the designated exit


Prohibitive zone for canvassing

The area where no election advertising could be distributed or worn (“prohibitive zone”) covered the whole common area of the foyer of the F-building in front of the rooms F0.01 and F0.02 reaching to the corner of the staircase of the foyer to the first floor of the UAS Technikum Wien.

Plan des Bereichs, in dem keine Bewerbung betrieben werden darf


Published documents

All official notices were published here: