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What are the duties of the HTW?

The HochschülerInnnenschaft at the Technical College Technikum Wien, shortly HTW, represents, advises and helps students at the UAS Technikum Wien. We work closely with the Austrian Students’ Union and together we take a stand on educational and social policy issues that are student concerns.

We act apart from party policial considerations and put the welfare of the students at the FH Technikum Wien first at all levels.
You can find a guideline here (German): Guidelines of the HTW
A description of the posts in the HTW can be found here: chairperson and heads of departments

Logo der HTW

What does the HTW do?

The HTW is the students representation at the UAS Technikum Wien. We represent, advise and support the students.

Specifically, we offer:

  • Assistance in disagreements with teachers or questions concerning the examination regulations
  • Legal advice and enforcement of your rights
    Information on scholarships, social support and stipends
  • Support for topics such as equal treatment and equality, studying with child or studying and working
  • Free equipment rental
  • Organizing events for all students of the FHTW

We are part of the most important decision-making committees at the university of applied sciences such as the UAS-Council (the supreme decision-making body) and in various task groups on topics like the examination regulations or quality assurance.

And who does all that?

Group photo of the HTW team
Aliya Tuktarova
Aliya Tuktarova

Head of financial affairs

Personenfoto Anna Prochazka
Anna Prochazka

Head of Department for educational policy and affairs concerning student rights

Photo of Daniela Strohmaier
Daniela Strohmaier

Head of the department for social affairs

Diana Oeller
Diana Oeller

Head of the department for publicity and events

Picture of Karl Litschauer
Karl Litschauer

Substitute head of the department for financial affairs

Photo of Lukas Feichtinger
Lukas Feichtinger

1st Substitute Head of the department for social affairs

Picture of Marcel Kesseler
Marcel Keßeler

2nd Substitute Head of the department for social affairs

Photo of Marion Stacher-Winter
Marion Stacher-Winter

Assistant of the HTW

Photo of Stefan Savic
Stefan Savic

Chairperson of the HTW

Photo of Tobias Zwetzbacher
Tobias Zwetzbacher

Assistant of the department for publicity and events